The Importance Of Seeking Legal Help When Facing Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney

When a person becomes charged with domestic violence, it can have serious consequences. It can affect employment, professional licenses, custody of children and access to finances. It can even lead to incarceration if the charges are a felony.

It is important to obtain legal help as soon as possible after being accused of domestic violence. An experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney will stand by your side as you navigate the legal system and fight for your rights.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer is a Specialty That Needs a Strong Advocate

You want a Phoenix domestic violence attorney with an unwavering dedication to your case. This kind of attorney must be prepared to handle every step of the legal process, from the moment your call is answered until you walk out of the courthouse doors with a positive resolution in your favor.

An excellent Phoenix domestic violence attorney can be the difference between getting a plea deal that does not impact your life, or going to trial and facing significant penalties. An experienced domestic violence attorney will fight for your freedom and reputation as well as ensure that the outcome of your case is positive.

Proving a False Accusation

If your alleged victim has made false allegations of abuse, you may be able to defend yourself by exposing inconsistencies in their story, demonstrating that they had a motive to lie and proving an alibi. This can also be useful in a case where the state has little to no evidence, such as witnesses or even a 911 call that would have supported your claim.

Defending against false allegations is especially important in divorce cases where the alleged victim might be trying to gain money, custody of children or fulfill some other motive. The best family lawyers in Phoenix know how to find these inconsistencies and create an effective defense strategy that will win your case.

The penalties that can result from a conviction for domestic violence are severe and can include fines, probation, immigration consequences, lengthy treatment programs, and incarceration. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation with a criminal lawyer that knows how to fight these types of charges.

You need an experienced criminal lawyer who understands the local law on domestic violence and is familiar with the judges and attorneys that will be involved in your case. This is the best way to maximize your chances of achieving a favorable result.

An excellent domestic violence attorney must be a strong advocate for you during the legal process and will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your legal options. He will explain the different paths that can be taken, and what the best defenses are for your specific case.

Your Phoenix domestic violence attorney can also work with you to obtain an order of protection. This order can keep your alleged abuser away from you and prevent him or her from coming near your home. It can also help you get a temporary restraining order if your abuser is still in your home or at your job, and it can allow you to seek financial compensation for pain and suffering caused by the abusive behavior.

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